Here are two scenarios, both have happened.

1. An activated sludge wastewater treatment plant has a power failure. The compressed air pumps are offline for 6 hours. As a result, these is a plant upset where the majority of activated sludge organisms are lost, and anoxic conditions prevail within in the secondary reactors.

2. Fishermen from the ocean offshore the Oregon coast report catches of dead fish and crabs. Biologists investigating these reports film vast areas of sea bottom with dead marine life, and bottom water either hypoxic or anoxic levels of oxygen. This phenomena has been reoccurring, and termed the Oregon Dead Zone.

Discuss what these two events have in common, especially the cause of the second. How would both rebound to normal conditions? More specifically, what could be done at the treatment plant to restore a healthy biomass, and off the Oregon coast, what environmental conditions would need to occur to maintain oxygenated bottom waters?

You response should be no more that 2-3 pages in length including any figures. Correctly cite all sources of information used in your response follow the style of the Council of Biology Editors to cite books, journal articles and web sites (

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