Biomedical Ethics

Papers: The Basic Idea Papers are optional assignments, worth up to 100 points, which can be used to supplement the points you have scored on test and forum posts to help you reach your target score for the unit. The basic idea of this assignment is to demonstrate that you can 1) correctly explain an author?s ideas, and also 2) correctly show how those ideas would apply to a specific example which A) that author did not discuss and which B) your reader could independently fact check. In addition, I will expect you to offer your views on whether those ideas are good ideas, based on your demonstration of what they ideas would support in the case you have discussed. Note: If you do not already have a suitable example in mind, you may use one of the case studies presented in the back of the book. If you do so, please keep in mind that the assignment is NOT to answer the questions at the end. They should just be considered food for thought. Also, be aware that those case studies deal with a wide variety of issues. It will be up to you to choose one that is relevant to the topic/author on which your paper focuses. The scoring works like this: Your paper?s rubric score will be the percentage of the points you have remaining in the unit that I will assign. So let?s say you have scored 150/200 points by means of the forum posts and test score. That is 75%, which would be a ?C? for the unit if you do nothing further. But you have 50 points left you could potentially earn by writing the paper.

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