Biometrics:3 Questions Cyber Security

Biometrics:3 Questions Cyber Security

1.) What is meant by “Multi-modal Biometrics” for access control?

B. In theory and in practice, what quantifiable advantages and disadvantages can be attributed to multi-modal biometrics?

Note: Please provide separate responses for physical security (e.g., access to a computer room) and information access (e.g., databases).

2.) Fire Protection
A. Discuss the tradeoffs between life health, safety and protection vs. information system protection in a fire protection policy.
B. Identify and discuss examples of fire protection practices which have been changed because of their effects on humans.

3.) Forensics
A. Explain the role of signature analysis in computer forensics and discuss one of its corresponding issues.
B. Choose one tool and one technique and discuss how they have proven vital to accurate signature analysis?
C. Discuss one technique that an intruder might undertake to thwart attempts to track his or her activities on the corporate intranet?

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