Bipolar Disorder

Paper must be 7 pages and follow the following format in this exact order and must include all content: Also, the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders definition of Bipolar Disorder must be used in the introduction. Title Page: APA-style* Abstract: APA-styleI. Introduction: Introduce and describe the topic. Discuss the DSM classification for the disorder, including a discussion of the specific criteria as described in the DSM (1/2 page). II. Historical: The disorder in its historical context (1 page). III. Cause of the Illness: Current research as to the cause of the illness (1 page). IV. Treatment: Various treatment approaches for this disorder, including the benefits of the treatment (1 page). V. Prevention: Research as to the prevention of the illness (1 page). VI. Cross Cultural: Cross-cultural issues pertaining to the topic (1 page). VII. Biblical Worldview: Discuss the topic from a Christian worldview perspective, including disorder?s cause, treatment, and prevention. Utilize the Bible and a book or journal source written from a biblical/theological perspective on the topic (1 page). VIII. Conclusion: Include a closing summary of the research, including ideas for future research on the topic (1/2 page). IX. References: APA-style. See also References Grading Rubric and instructions.

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