Bivariate Analyses

In this assignment you will be developing the structure of your analysis plan for your project. You may use a topical outline to address each part of the assignment (except where you must draw dummy tables). Other than your tables, your discussions should not exceed 4 typed pages in Microsoft Word.
1. Include a summary or overview of your analysis plan. Be sure to include a basic discussion of the sequence of analyses you would undertake to develop the results from your survey data.
2. Identify the major dependent, criterion, or outcome variable(s) that are directly related to your original research question.
3. List the independent variables if you are interested in looking at relationships between or among those variables and your dependent variables. If your research does not call for assessing such relationships, list at least 3 socio-demographic variables that you think will be relevant to your research. For each of these (socio-demographics), briefly explain in a sentence or two why you think it relevant to your project. For example, you may think the tenure of a teacher is important to understanding teachers? attitudes toward education (as you might think newer teachers would hold more optimism).
4. Design dummy tables
A. Bivariate Analyses. These should be contingency tables that relate at least two (categorical/nominal) dependent variables (or outcome variables) to an independent variable (also nominal) and/or socio-demographic descriptor.
B. Continuous Data.
1. Using a table format based on ANOVA, show how you present data for an interval dependent variable and categories or conditions of an independent variable (so socio-demographic).
2. Present an ANCOVA table format, clearly labeling each variable.
C. Identify the specific statistic you would use to assess the relationshipand the strength of association between each set of your variables (bivariate and continuous).
D. Briefly discuss how you would think about conducting a multivariate analysis of your data. Which variables would you include? What would be the benefit of doing a multivariate analysis of your data? And, what statistical technique would you think about using; why?

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