Black Sports and the Media

Write a 3 PAGE paper on the  topic of BLACK SPORTS AND THE MEDIA. Use the articles as references within the essay. You should summarize the main points of the articles/chapters on the topic only as support. Your grade will be based on your knowledge of the articles (proof that you read them). You should also address whether the author(s) support(ed) his/her arguments well? This paper should NOT be you simply sumarizing the articles but rather using them as support within the essay.


Media and Sports

1. Ball, Jared A. (Spring 2014). A new apartheid: Media consolidation and black America. The Black Scholar. 44(1). 47-57.

2. Martin, Michael T. (Fall 2014). Conversations with ava duvernay—“A call to action”: Organizing principles of an activist cinematic practice. Black Camera. 6(1). 57-91.

3. Ratchford, Jamal L. (Spring 2012). ‘Black fists and fool’s gold: The 1960s black athletic revolt reconsidered’  The lebron james decision and self-determination in post-racial America. The Black Scholar. 42(1). 49-59

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