Blog Task 2

Blog Task 2

Read the following two journal articles located in the reading list in Module 2.

Munford, R, Sanders, J & Andrew, A 2003, “Community development: Action research in community settings”, Social Work Education, 22 (1) pp. 93 – 104.

Tsey, K, Patterson, D, Whiteside, M, Baird, L, & Baird, B 2002, “Indigenous men taking their rightful place in society? A preliminary analysis of a participatory action research process with Yarrabah Men’s Health Group”, Australian Journal of Rural Health, 106, pp. 278-284.

For each of these readings identify:

  • The researcher/s
  • The researched
  • The issues/problems
  • Method/s of inquiry
  • Recommendations/Suggestions/Implications of the study

Word length: 400 words

Two reference


It should be based on Humanatarian work/ Community work/ Social work

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