Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is an innovative way of writing scripts where an individual explains  vivid details about something or an event. The real intent of the writer is to create visual pictures in the mind of the reader. The details contained in this piece of writing must appeal to the five senses of the reader so as to derive a meaning. There are two types of descriptive essays, one is the objective essays and the other one is the impressionist essays. Objective essays are essentially an analysis of everyone’s point of view after applying their senses while Impressionist essays are subjected to the writer’s personal biases in their explanations.

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay on the other hand is a piece of literary writing that gives information about a subject by introducing the opposing and supportive ideas regarding that subject. The audience in this case is people who need to be persuaded by our standpoints on the topic that is under discussion. The primary reason for argumentative essays is to influence people to change beliefs that they have adopted for a long time. The writer should choose a topic with enough supporting evidence to his claim so that he/she can front enough information to refute or support the commonly held belief. The representation of facts is made up of refutations and counter-arguments in these essays.

Analytical Essay

Analytical essays are writings that are meant to analyze the content of literary pieces such as poems. A poem must be analyzed in its content and components to get a deeper understanding of its meaning. The analysis in this case must not be identical with someone else`s observations of the same literature, but it must appeal to logic and bedefendable. A reputable analytical essay must connect dots on how facts are arranged and the development of a particular idea by explaining how relationships in structuring of piece of literature happen.

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