Budget and finance professional for a mid-sized county

Public budgeting
Unit III PowerPoint Presentation

You are a budget and finance professional for a mid-sized county that desperately needs funding for a new county jail, road repair and expansion, and improvements to several schools. Citizens have been resistant to an across-the-board tax increase. As a result, the county commission is considering implementing a Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) or Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST), which would create a special purpose tax only for the aforementioned programs. The county manager has asked you to research the issue and provide a recommendation.

MBA 6841, Public Budgeting  3


Your task is to craft a PowerPoint presentation using no less than eight (8) slides (not including the references slide) presenting both the positive and negative arguments to the tax. Then, most importantly, it will contain your recommendation to either adopt the tax or not. Your presentation must be professional and also utilize a minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed sources to substantiate your research and recommendations. These sources must be presented in APA format.

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