Budget Preparation, Justification, and Management

discussion questions Budget Preparation, Justification, and Management

Each answer to each question should be 100 words

Budget component

1. Which budget component of a program do you think is most likely to be overlooked, misapplied, or underutilized? Why?

Budget Process

2. What is budgeting? What are some of its uses? Do you consider budgeting to be a reasonable process? Why or why not?

Budget and Strategy

3. Why is budgeting important to an organization’s success? What may be the consequences of poor budgeting strategies?

Budget Expenditure Justification

4. Identify the principles of expenditure justification. Explain the rationales behind them. Which principle do you think is most ignored and why?

Internal Control and Auditing

5. Identify the principles of internal control and auditing. What would happen if there were no controls? Why do controls sometimes not work? What criteria might

you use for budget preparation? Why are the criteria you chose important? Explain.

Budget purposes

6. Can politics be eliminated from budgeting? Why or why not? Which purposes and budgets are not yielded by the budget cycle?

Organizational and Legal concerns

7. What are some organizational issues that must be addressed to prepare and change private security for the future? Which do you feel would be the most difficult

to address? What are some legal issues security may be challenged with in the future? How must security prepare for these issues today?

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