bullying in middle childhood

The slides should include 1)things to stop bullying and 2) why do kids bully other kids? Please add pictures!
Pretend you are Junior High or High School Counselors and are giving these presentations to your students or student’s parents. For this PowerPoint presentation you will be required to research your topic.

Content (25 points):

•Evidence of outside research (at least 2 sources outside of your textbook).
•Analysis of how developmental theories apply to your topic.
•Information clearly explained to the class.
•Topic considered from a cross-cultural perspective (race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, nationality, etc.).
•Contrasting viewpoints presented.
Format/Presentation (10 points):

•Discussion and flow of content is well organized.
•Material is presented in an interesting and interactive way – including visual aids.
•Visual aids add depth to presentation topic.
•PowerPoint font size should not be smaller than 24. Average size is 28.
•Adhere to time limit (10 minutes, any visual aids, videos, resources, must be included in this time limit).
Presentation Summary and Preparation (10 points):

•Presentation outline is clear, concise, and well organized.
•Outline identifies the name of each person actively involved in your group presentation.
•Outline identifies each person covering a specific sub-topic.
•Include resources used (a total of 3 including your textbook).
. Here is the name of textbook we are using for class: Childhood and Adolescence; Voyages in Development, By Spencer A. Rathus, Fifth Edition

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