Business Assignment

Textbook. Managing diversity towards a globally inclusive workplace


APA Referencing, At least 5 References, the more the better

At least 4.5 Pages (1237 or more words)


Deadline: 18 hours from now



  1. To what extent diversity issues in an organization are due to this organization’s management practices and culture? What other factors can explain an organization’s diversity issues?


  1. What indicators would you use to measure the effectiveness of a firm’s diversity policies and practices? How would measure the extent to which an organization is inclusive? 75 mrks


  1. Which of the country (China, India, Brazil, Japan, Russia, South Africa, and France) do you think is the most culturally distant from the United States? Why? What specific challenges would a U.S. expatriate manager likely face when communicating with her peers and subordinates in the country you chose (China, India, Brazil, Japan, Russia, South Africa, and France)?



  1. What are the three most relevant workforce diversity categories in India? To what extent does the definition of workforce diversity in India differ from that in the United States?
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