Business Finance – Operations Management

 A needs assessment is a systematic means of analyzing  existing standards and conditions against desired ones. The difference between  the current and desired states is referred to as the “gap” This gap reveals  information that is necessary to make more informed decisions in support of  organizational goals and objectives. The needs assessment is a valuable tool used to facilitate  the management of continuous change taking place in today’s organizations. In  this assignment, you will apply needs assessment for the scenario below. Assume you are consulting and you have been asked to conduct  a comprehensive assessment to determine the training and development needed to  elevate the performance of 25 employees in a sales support call center. Your goal is to identify a training program that will  address the collective needs of the group.

What preliminary information would you gather before conducting the needs assessment? Provide a rationale for your decision.

Describe the various steps you would take in conducting the actual assessment.

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