Business game assignment

Topic: Business game assignment

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Assignment instruction:
The assignment is divided into parts.
For the first part you will write an analysis of the problem (this is the Main Challenge) from the perspective of his/her subject specialism (as a Marketing Manager). The analysis will end with a firm recommendation for a course of action. Thinking about the makeup of a typical team, this will mean that the problem is explored from a number of viewpoints: financial, HR, production, etc. You will need then to reflect on the impact of your decision on your business.
The second part is an account of how you have developed as you have worked through the module. The work should be introspective and analytical. In terms of content, your essay might:
• Summaries what you have learned
• Explain the value of what has been learned
• Explore how what you have learned can be used to support your personal and/or professional goals • Discuss how you can develop your learning and skills further
However, your essay can explore any topic connected with your experience of the module providing it remains introspective. An important part of this assessment is about your ability to apply skills such as judgement, analysis and problem solving. As an example, you will need to make decisions about what
information to include, how to present it, and so on. You will also need to justify and explain your key decisions. This freedom is intended to support innovative thinking and you are encouraged to produce work you feel is original and inventive.
The work should be equivalent to the effort needed to create a 2000 words report or essay.

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