Business homework paper

Must be APA format 12 Times


After reading the following blog or choosing one regarding the good and evil of big data and analytics, write a 3-4 page case study explaining the barriers and constraints associated with a business analyst role. Provide at least 5 different references to support your position.

Big data analytics, a powerful force for good or evil? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Use this blog, or choose a blog regarding the good and evil of big data, and explain how the business analyst role should evolve. What are some of the barriers or constraints associated with the analyst role within various business functional units? What would you recommend to a potential employee entering into a business analyst role? What are some of the characteristics that business analysts should possess to support a business analytics-driven culture? What should the relationship between an analyst within a business functional unit (such as HR/Accounting/Finance/Institutional Research, etc.) and an Analyst within the Information Technology department look like? Where do you think analysts should fit within an organizational structure?

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