Business Negotiations

BUSI 3331- Business Negotiations – 205

Subject: Written Assignment-Case_01_Negotiation-Thawing Salary Freeze

Dear Students,
The document “Case_01_Negotiation-Thawing Salary Freeze” attached to this assignment is the first of your video cases which contribute to the 25% Cases-component of your course’s grade. It is a group assignment (2 students per group), and is due on April 11th, 2017. Your submission report has to include the following parts:
1) Description of the case in your own words, relating it to key negotiation terms (300-450 words)
2) Answers to the questions inserted into the text of the case.
3) Analysis of situations in terms of mutual perceptions, goals, positions vs. interests, possible alternatives, where each of Katherine and Alisa did well, and what each could have done to improve her respective position.

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