Business plan

Develop a 3500-4000-word Business Plan for a business idea/ concept that you would like to take to market. This plan should be designed to address potential investors and therefore an investment request must be made.


The Business Plan should include but not limited to the following elements:


  • Business Idea (including customer need + proposed solution)
  • Marketing Plan (including high-level competitive and market analysis, market positioning and marketing activities + budget)
  • Operational Plan (including overall planning, timings, resources needed, IP/legal issues, risk analysis + mitigation)- Market entry strategies
  • Financial Plan (including minimum 3-year growth and cash-flow projections and a payback period analysis. The 2 key aspects that will be assessed in the Financial Plan are: whether students show a good understanding of how the financial plan links to the operational and marketing plan (i.e. numbers are not plucked out of thin air), and what the key assumptions and variables underpinning the FP are, and how they influence the numbers.
  • The plan should show long term growth prospects through “scaling” the model and provide a calculation of the business valuation that could be used to attract investors.
  • Fast Fail strategy considerations
  • Exit Strategy
  • The size of the overall business plan should be 3500 – 4000 words.


Guide: –

You are encouraged to use relevant theory and examples to support the narrative you present.

All assertions should be justified in order to provide depth of argument. (Examples: – financial forecasts can be benchmarked or industry norm’s used)

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