Business Reflection Essay on Documentary Movie

Business Reflection Essay on Documentary Movie
The “Brits Get Rich in China” is a documentary that follows three British entrepreneurs as they try to establish businesses in China and become millionaires. You are
required to write a reaction essay of the documentary. This is an individual assignment.


Watch the documentary and take notes.
Taking notes is useful in many ways for this assignment. It will help you understand the contents, the message, and what this documentary is all about; connect to the
information covered in the course; synthesize information and your thoughts; make comparisons between the subjects; and so on.
Use attached worksheet as a template. Please feel free to add or modify the worksheet.
Review your notes and select three key issues or points in the documentary you like to focus in your essay.
Write a five-paragraph reaction essay.
Introduction: Provide a brief summary of what you heard and saw in the documentary – the main characters, their business ventures and the plot of the documentary.
In the body of the essay: Discuss three key points by integrating your understanding of the course materials and practical experience, using details from your notes,
adding examples, your criticisms and analysis of the key highlights of the documentary. Each paragraph should discuss one key point.
Conclusion: Summarize what you have learned from this documentary, discuss how does this documentary help you achieve the learning objectives of the course, and
provide your personal insight and perspective about doing business in China and implications for foreign companies.
Use Time New Roman, 12-point font.
Single space your essay.
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