Bussiness to business marketing

The questions is essay questions and they need a develpo answer, around half page and is should have explnations and examples. I have 9 questions. 1. Why doesn’t a stronger exchange partner always exercise its power? 2. How do the buying and procurement orientations differ? How will this affect the way in which an organizational customer might deal with suppliers? 3. How will total cost of ownership affect the way in which a business marketer prices its products? 4. Describe the decision-making process enacted by organizational customers, identifying how and why this process might vary. 5. How has digital technology facilitated the tasks of organizational buying and what are the consequences of this for the B2B marketer? 6. How can customer value be defined? 7. What are the key differences between the resource-based view of business marketing strategy, and the conventional strategic market planning approach? 8. Discuss and provide an example to demonstrate how a company can develop sustainable value to a client (another company). Explain how the impact can be measured. 9. What kind of ethical issues might a business to business marketer or salesperson have to take into account when engaged in (a) a major account sales negotiation, (b) a substantial international market research project, and (c) bidding for a government contract in a foreign country?

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