camera of iphone 6.

Written assignment about camera of iphone 6.
Please answer the questions below:
1. Make and model of camera:
2. Do you have an instruction manual?
3.- Can you find information about your cameras somewhere else?
– Where? Be Specific! (“The Internet”, for example, is not specific enough)
4. What kind of camera is it? Is it a compact digital ___ a digital SLR_____ a compact 35mm_______ a 35mm SLR_______, a cell phone______ smart phone, or _____________________ ?
5. What kind of memory cards does it take, and what is the mega pixel rating? Or, what film size does it take?
6. What type of viewing system does it have?
7. Does it accept interchangeable lenses?
8. What is the focal length of the main lens?
9. What is the lens speed? (i.e. largest aperture)
10. What is the smallest aperture?
11. How close can it focus?
12. Can it use filters mounted on the lens? What size?
12a Does it utilize digital filters?
13. What are the shutter speeds?
14. Can you control depth-of-field with this camera? If so, how?
15. Does it have manual exposure?
16. Does it have auto-focus?
17. What adjustments are there for white balance and different kinds of lighting?
18. Does it have a built-in flash?
19.. If so, how powerful is it?
20. What other special features does it have?
21. Is it noisy when you fire it?
22. Does it have 3D capabilities?
23. Does it do video?
24. If so, what kind of video?
25. What kind of batteries does it take?
26. Does it have additional features?
27. Is it a suitable tool for the kind of photography that you want to do?

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