Can hybrid recommender system overcome provide more accurate user recommendations than collaborative filtering

Structure of the final proposal

  1. Front-page
    • Student name and surname
    • Student number
    • Stream (eg. ASD, DA, IKM) or PhD structured program
    • DIT programme (eg. DT228A / DT228B, )
    • Title of proposal (max words 20 words)
    • List of people and companies associated with the project (including those you might need input from or data from) (max 50 words)
    • Sources of data needed for the project, if any (max 30 words)
  2. The proposal Background + context + scope (max 200 words).
    Describe the context of application and provide the reader with some background and main notions/concepts
  3. Informal description of the problem (max 200 words)
    Describe the problem you wish to tackle informally
  4. Literature review + state-of-the art approaches to solve problem + gaps (max 500 words)
    Identify and describe the relevant peer-reviewed papers you have read in the identified context
    Identify and describe the state-of-the-art approaches to solve the problem
    Identify and describe the gaps of the state of the art approaches (these will inform the subsequent research question)
  5. Research question (max 25 words)
  6. Hypothesis/hypotheses + research objective/s (max 200 words)
    Informally define the hypothesis or hypotheses
    Define the research objective for each defined hypothesis and describe the research methodologies to achieve the objective and test the hypothesis
  7. Design/implementation (max 500 words)
    Describe your solution/experiment (using first an appropriate multi-layer diagram and subsequently describing each step in detail)
    Provide details about how you are going to implement in practice the solution (eg. programming languages, technologies employed, execution of surveys)
    Specify details of dataset (eg. the set of dependent/independent variables, scales and ranges)
  8. Evaluation of designed solution (max 300 words)
    Describe how you are going to evaluate your solution/experiment with a high-level description
    Describe in detail how you are going to evaluate the results and how you are going to accept/reject each defined hypothesis
    Describe how findings are related to the research question
  9. Bibliography 
    References – using the APA style (max 750 words)
  10. Activities 
    Timeframe for each activity planned in the proposal (1 line per activity) + a gantt chart(max 200 words)
  11. Appendix
    The slides of the presentations as well as the formative feedback collected/generated during the semester


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