have uploaded a full document on the instructions for this paper. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS WITHIN THE INSTRUCTIONS DOCUMENT THAT I HAVE PROVIDED FOR THIS PAPER. The topic is “Cancer”, and the paper should fully explain the definition of the clinical condition, magnitude of the problem, pathophysiology, diagnosis, symptoms, complications, risk factors, management, benefits of exercise, exercise testing, and exercise programming.

Paper should be in APA format and have at least 3 references, one must come from the chapter that I have uploaded on Cancer and the other two sources should come from the links that I have provided below. NO DIRECT QUOTATIONS SHOULD BE USED WITHIN THE PAPER.

The title page and the reference pages should not be included in the total 5 page length, those two pages should be extra.

Mandatory Reference – Scientific Peer Reviewed Journal Source:

Mandatory Reference – Use CDC website as a source: (I have listed multiple links to choose from):

Optional references to choose from:

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