Capstone For Human Services Unit 6 Assignment

Topic: Capstone For Human Services Unit 6 Assignment

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For this Assignment, imagine you are an administrator (choose your path assignment) who faces funding problems because your major funder has determined that your clients do not have proper access to services. Many of the access to service issues are community based, so you contact your peers in the town to design a plan that allows clients to access needed services quicker. Continue on the same path as you initially selected—you are one step closer to graduation now!

In a 4-5 page paper, design a plan for service delivery between multiple agencies that reduces paperwork and intake time. Be sure to include the following in your design:

1.List some typical obstacles that interfere with the clients’ ability to access services across agencies.
2.What are some creative ways to facilitate client care between many different types of agencies (e.g., food bank, mental health agency, welfare to work)?
3.Often agencies have service-specific rules and laws that they must follow. Remember that most agencies must now follow HIPAA regulations; think about how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. What suggestions do you have for helping agencies in your town to streamline the intake process? Are there ways to facilitate access to services by eliminating some of the intake procedures? Why or why not?
4.How does this plan eliminate the identified obstacles that interfere with the clients’ ability to access services at different agencies?
Suggested Format:
•Title page (Coffeetown Problem)
•Introduction (question one information-at least a half page)
•Use theories and problem-solving from your studies (questions 2 and 3-at least two and a half pages)
•Evaluation of the plan’s effectiveness (question 4-at least a half page)
Use your notes from past classes listed in the Reading and conduct research as needed (by calling people who work in human services in your area). This Assignment should be written using the guidelines of Standard American English and should be between 800 and 1000 words, not including the title page and the reference page. You are required to give credit to the sources you use and use proper APA formatting. Refer to the APA Quick Reference Guide, the Kaplan Writing Center, or your instructor for help with APA. Remember that all work must be your own, and plagiarism is not tolerated. Be sure to review the plagiarism policy in your Syllabus.

I chose path 1 so we will continue on path 1 in which I will attach. Please follow the directions and answer each question. There is a suggested format as you can see so please try to follow that. Even though this may sound crazy I have to say it because the last assignment done on here had points taken off for incomplete paragraphs. I just ask that you please follow the directions because I want to get an A. Thank you.

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