Cardiac issue in pediatric patients

esearch on the following:
• Assessment, diagnostic testing, and management of chest pain in pediatric patients
• Assessment and evaluation of heart murmurs in pediatric patients

• Assessment and evaluation of bruising in the pediatric population

Once you have completed your research, respond to the following questions:
• How would you evaluate and manage a pediatric patient who has a chest pain? Which diagnostic studies would you recommend for this patient and why? When would you refer the patient to a specialist?

• Will your differential diagnosis differ for a pediatric patient who presents with a murmur, depending on the patient’s age? Why or why not? Which diagnostic studies would you suggest if your patient presents a localized, musical, grade I/VI murmur?

• What would be defined in a pediatric patient as abnormal bruising? What diagnostic testing would you obtain to evaluate abnormal bruising further and why? What physical exam findings and diagnostic results would be concerning to you and why?

Please use scholarly article within last five years to support work. Answer each question separately.

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