career planning

career planning
The purpose of this 3-5 page double-spaced paper is to provide you with the opportunity to assess what you have learned over the past 10 weeks and relate this to your
career and academic plans. The paper should address the following three areas:


The Informational InterviewÂÂ

What did you gain in speaking with the person you conducted your informational interview with? Did you acquire any new insights or specific information that changed
your perspective on the career area you explored?   Could the connection you have made lead you to any new networking opportunities in the future?  Has
speaking to this individual influenced your plans or goals? If you participated in the Talent Gateway Mentoring Program, how did your interactions with your mentor
and the group influence you? What did you learn?


Research on Your Area of Interest

What have you learned about this career area through your research on O-Net, Occupational Outlook and/or any of the other websites you explored through the Mardigian
Library resources? What is the outlook for the field you are considering?

What are the related career areas you could consider?   ÂÂ


Journals and Interest/Values Assessments

Have the journaling exercises and the interest assessments given you any additional insight about career paths that may be a good fit for you?   How does this
information influence your decision-making regarding your academic major and the career options you are considering?ÂÂ


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