Section 1: Job Opening
 Find a current job ad (less than 30 days old) within the hospitality industry that you
would like to apply for and include it in this section. You may locate a job ad through
any source available to you i.e.: newspapers, magazines, journals or online.
 The source and date of the ad need to be presented in this section.
 Make sure you locate a position for which you qualify for i.e.: don’t apply for a
position if you do not possess the minimum qualifications listed in the job ad.
 Once you find the job ad make sure that you copy it and place it in section 1.
Section 2: Company Information
 Research the company that you are applying for and write a one page summary of the
company in your own words. Describe the company that you selected to apply
for. Include in your description the following information:
 Type of company (lodging, food & beverage, conferences, etc…)
 Size (Number of rooms or seating capacity, acreage)
 Target Market (What type or groups of people are they trying to attract)
 Facilities and services provided (Professional, personal or recreational)
 Employee benefits offered
 Use full sentences not bullet points. The one page needs to be written in an
essay format with an introductory paragraph, body, and conclusion.
 DO NOT copy information directly from the company’s website or brochures and
paste them in this section. Re-write everything in your own words in an essay format
(1 full-page).
 Format and Presentation
 Typed
 Font: Type & Size: (Time New Roman or Arial 12)
 Margins: 1 inch all around
 Double spaced
 Use full sentences and be descriptive.
 Reference the information you include in your paper.
Section 3: Cover Letter
Write a cover letter for the position that you located and wish to apply for. Your cover letter
should be concise, but informative and in proper Cover Letter format. Identify yourself, your
interest, why you chose the company, and why they should hire you. Describe what you
have to offer the employer, NOT what they can offer you.

Section 4: Resume
Prepare a professional resume specifically tailored for the position you are applying
for. Your resume should include: your name, contact information, education, experience,
skills, additional sections as needed.
Recommended Mt. SAC Resources – use one of the following resources and earn 10
extra credit points on the overall project. To earn extra credit, bring proof from the support
service to show that you utilized them for this project.
 Mt. SAC Career Placement Center (Student Services Bldg. 9B)
 Writing Center
Suggested Resources:
 Mt. SAC Library
 Books:
 Resumes That Knock ‘Em Dead by Martin John Yate
 Cover Letters Knock ‘Em Dead by Martin John Yate
Points will be awarded for the following: Completeness, Presentation of submitted work,
Grammar, Spelling, and overall quality of work.
Deadlines: Due – April 12th by 11:59pm
 Covert project into a PDF and submit on Canvas
 Early submissions are highly recommended.
 Late Assignments will NOT be accepted!!!

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