Case 5

Case 5

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Part 1: In your text book, focusing on chapters 12, 13, and 14 Respond to the case at the end of Chapter 12: Managing Talent: Twitter Tries to Be an Employer You’d Tweet About. Answer the following questions. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics wage query system at to see if you can find the typical pay for a particular job (your choice of jobs). What are the required benefits required by law – i.e. those benefits that must be provided by employers to their employees?

1. Do you think the levels of pay described in this case contribute to Twitter’s business success? Why or why not? “
2. Suppose you work in Twitter’s HR department, and the company’s executives ask you to try reining in the spending on salaries. What would you recommend?
3. What are the required benefits required by law – i.e. those benefits that must be provided by employers to their employees?

Part 2: Respond to this peer (Osvalso): 1, I think that the level of pay does contribute to Twitters success because one has to look at the full packaged even thought they are not getting paid the most in the world they are being paid well. If one believes in the company and one sees the potential the company has having those stock options are amazing because the better the company does the more that those stocks will be worth later down the road. 2, What i would recommend is being able to establish some type of cap where once the limit is met it can not go on higher unless one overrides it, but i think that this way having a market cap in the salaries will prevent from salaries being extravagant and remains competitive. 3, Some benefits that are required by law are social security taxes, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and Leave act over the years i have seen a lot of people go on FLMA for certain life events, but i have noticed how it does hurt ones career if moving up in the company is something one wants to do.

Part 3: Respond to this peer (Torye): 1. Yes, I think that the pay contributes to the success of Twitter’s business. I would think that they would hire the best, smartest, and brightest software engineers to work for their company, because hey can afford to pay high salaries and offer shares of stock that could lead to lots of money. 2. I would recommend an outside source review the management pay to see if the pay raise they get every year is really necessary to keep the best executives. I would recommend that workers pay remain the same and if extra money is needed, deduct it from the executives bonuses. 3. I visited the Bureau of Labor Statistics wage query system. I found for Office and Administrative Support Occupations,the average wage was $16.07 per hour and a yearly salary of $33,430. The benefits for this job is required to provide unemployment insurance, workers compensation, medical, for self and family.

Please note all parts are to be completed as separate entities.

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