Case analysis and recommendation

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Paper – The Inn on Cortes Island Case Analysis
Minimum 3000 words – maximum – 5000 words
The case is designed to ensure that learners have the capability to complete an effective situation assessment, determine the best strategic pathway that the organization should take, identify arising critical issues and compile a series of WNTBA (What Needs To Be Addressed) statements.
Learners will be required to conduct a situation assessment (‘Size-up’) of the business, determine the best strategic direction, identify any arising critical issues and then use their synthesis skills to detail a series of practical WNTBA statements for the client to consider. Please follow the attached template and update each table with analysis and recommendation requirements. The required Model or tool should be used for each table or section . The feedback should follow the template and be in the range of 4000 words.

THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT: Opportunities/Threats. use PEST analysis and fill the below table in the template file
? Political
? Economic
? Societal
? Technological
INDUSTRY COMPETITIVE CONDITIONS: High/Neutral/Low. use Michael Proter?s Five Forces Model and update the below table in text and state the level of each force.
? Threat of new entrants
? Bargaining power of customers
? Bargaining power of suppliers
? Threat of substitutes
? Intensity of competition
Key success factors? State the competitive factors that determine whether industry participants will be financially and strategically successful. Example:
– Cost advantage,
– Quality advantages
– Unique Technology allied with intellectual property protections
– Specialized manufacturing process
– Location effective and efficient distribution channels
– Highly skilled workfoc3e
– Ability to navigate regulatory approval processes
– Favorable image and reputation with clients

FINANCIAL SIZE-UP:Strengths/Weaknesses
? Profitability
? and Cash Flow
? Liquidity
? Stability
? Efficiency
? Growth
MARKETING SIZE-UP: Strengths/Weaknesses
? Product/Services Review
? Market Segment Assessment
? Unmet Customer needs?
? Competitor Evaluation
? Pricing considerations
? Product mix issues
? Placement (Distribution)
? Promotion requirements
? People needs
? Partnering opportunities?
OPERATIONS SIZE-UP: Strengths/ Weaknesses
Operational capability
? Process management
? Facilities management
? Inventory management
? Quality management
? Risk management
? Project management
Legal issues
Use of technology

HUMAN RESOURCES SIZE-UP: Strengths/Weaknesses
Human Resource function
? Recruitment and Hiring
? Training and Development
? Compensation, Performance and Incentives
Leadership issues
? Organizational Structure
? Skills Development
? Teams and Teamwork
? Management Capabilities
? Appreciative Inquiry potential
? Mentoring opportunities
TECHNOLOGY SIZE-UP: Strengths/Weaknesses
Technology concept and product
Intellectual property issues
Potential risk factors
New Technology Assessment?

STRATEGY REVIEW :Opportunities/Threats
Present Course (Status Quo)
? Define:
Alternative Directions?
? 1)
? 2)
? 3)
Best Option:
? Rationale:
Recommended Strategic Option: CRITICAL ISSUES/How manifested?/Why happening?
Cause(s)?/Why Important?, Implications if addressed?
? F1
? F2
? M1
? M2
? O1
? O2
Human Resources H1
? H2
? T1
? T2

WNTBA – SUMMARY: Based on the recommended strategic direction and a comprehensive review of the critical issues facing the organization and their underlying causes.
WNTBAs ( 4 -5 maximum)/ Supporting rationale:
? 1)
? 2)
? 3)
? 4)
? 5)

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