Case study on specific questions and strategy to resolve the problem.

Case study on specific questions and strategy to resolve the problem.

1) You will choose a population of concern (refugee, stateless, or IDP) from a specific country and prepare a case study on a specific question you want to answer and

strategy to resolve the problem. The case study will be presented utilizing a PPT. you will be expected to answer the research question and address critical questions

relating to the specific community you have chosen:

1.           What are the consequences (provide at least three reasons) of population relocation?

2.           What opportunities do they have for their future: repatriation, citizenship, resettlement or elsewhere?

3.           Who are the agencies (be specific) involved that are working with population? What services are they providing (be specific)?

4.           What are some of the limitations (be specific) of the effectiveness of the agencies?

5.           What services (be specific) should the agency be providing?

6.           How would you resolve (be specific) the issue regarding the movement and needs of the population of concern? The resolution must include a well-thought

out and detailed political/diplomatic, economic, and social strategies (three distinct strategies).

Your case study must integrate at least 6 scholarly articles. Make sure all sources are referenced within the context of the PPT slides and on the reference slide.

2) Presentation Guidelines: A slide(s) is required for each section outlined below.
Section One: Introduction (setting the scene), put your work into context which should be clear from the introduction. Why has this work been taken on (outline the

problem), what are your aims, and what is significant about your work for the field of international relations. Who is the population of concern, where are they

currently and formerly resided?

Section Two: Literature review – Research on the general population of concern (must be relevant to the topic of stateless, refugee, or IDP) …what are the scholars

(include at least three scholars’ discussion on the issue- articles or books) saying about the population generally —i.e. water refugees generally not specifically

about your water refugee population i.e. the Syrian water refugees.

Section Three: Questions 1-2 –Consequences and Opportunities

Section Four: Answer your research question with details, theory, and data

Section Five: Questions 3-5 –Issues of Contention

Section Six: Question 6–Resolution to the Problem and feasibility of solution. You are expected to create a systemic political/diplomatic, economic, and social

strategies to resolve the problem. Well-developed and detailed strategies-, well-thought out and detailed political/diplomatic, economic, and social strategies. You

can’t use strategies currently being applied to the population of concern (three new distinct strategies).


Well-developed strategies that considers the Who, What, Where, and Why of the issue.

Avoid general statements and be specific and detailed

– Discuss the feasibility, suitability, and acceptability when evaluating each of your strategies and courses of action. (each strategy must be followed with a

feasibility, suitability, and acceptability slide)

o Suitability—will its attainment accomplish the effect desired (relates to objective)?

o Feasibility—can the action be accomplished by the means available (relates to concept)?
o Acceptability—are the consequences of cost justified by the importance of the effect desired (relates to resources/concept)?

Section Seven: Conclusion put your result into context: summarize concisely, and describe how your research advance the field—-make sure you do not overemphasize the

impact of your work.

Visuals: Include in your PPT presentation

·              Include a map of homeland for your population of concern and the receiving nation.

·              Include a chart or graph (data) outlining number of individuals in the population of concern.

·              Include charts and data you located to support the answer to your research question and proposed strategies (e.g. climate data, fragile state index

data, perception date, etc.)

3)  Aslo submit a detailed outline of the case study presentation. The outline must start with the beginning and end with the closing points you will make.

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