Case study respond to number 2.

Case study respond to number 2.
Respond to number 2 below:
This is a case study: “A school health nurse has been assigned to each school in the district. The district, as a money-saving measure, has decided to have one school health nurse for the entire district rather than one nurse stationed at each school in the district. The Board of Education has identified that a K-12 health education curriculum needs to be developed as well as a K-12 physical education curriculum as part of the comprehensive school health program. As the school nurse leader in the district, address the following points”
1.That was my respond: “K-12 health and physical education curriculum aims at improving the health status of learners at all levels by equipping them with necessary knowledge and skills. Three programs are considered to be part of the health curriculum. The first one is Health Smart Digital, which monitors key health areas that pertain children and adolescents. Using this program, a learner can access various resources provided by the teacher on the website, hence creating a forum of making informed health behavior choices. Another recommended program in this case is HLC Pre-K, which is designed mostly to provide information to young children concerning nutrition, life skills and body maintenance at their tender age. Lastly, coordinated approach to child health (CATCH) is designed to motivate kids by bringing them together once for a while to be trained on a specific health issue that requires active participation through brainstorming (Eaton, et al., 2012)

Three points are also considered to be recommended components of the K-12 physical curriculum. First, having regular physical activities such as playing, running and swimming help to control weight, increases self-esteem and concentration. Secondly, policies and environment are important aspects to look at because they create a chance for an individual to fit well in any designed physical curriculum, and lastly, regular student assessment ensures high-quality programs by involving both the parents and the learner (Harkness & DeMarco, 2016)

K-12 obesity in children is associated with diet intake, age, gender, household ownership and income. Lack of health information, especially to the parents who are illiterate, causes some health problems to the children.

The decision of having only one nurse operating in the entire district leads to workload and this may result in the development of poor reports. Social and cultural influences may contribute to discrimination while doing the work because of diversity. Language and communication can also become a barrier while delivering content in various schools”

2.Please respond to this respond and answer the question: ” do the parents fully understand what it means to have only one school nurse in the building? Many still believe the school nurse is they are to treat the child who may have fallen in the playground. Complains of a stomach ache and not feeling well and so on. Most parents whose children are by and large well may not understand the important work that the school nurse does during the day. School nurses needs to market the important role they play not only in maintaining the health of children but also promoting health while in school. There are so many opportunities that could be captured. Nutrition management activity exercise health promotion behaviors, safety and so on I’m sure you could add to the list. Many fail to see the importance of this role and consequently do not speak up at budget meetings or school board planning meetings to acquire the necessary human and other resources to care for this population”.

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