Challenge in Jurisdiction over Cybercrime in Financial Institutions: the case of English jurisprudence


This dissertation examines the territoriality struggle of UK legislation vis a vis multi-territorial nature of cybercrime with a focus on the impact of such struggle/challenge on the financial services sector/actors – who have activities and operation cross-border – making the issue more problematic.
It examines whether the UK legislation as well as current international conventions (I only find the EU convention relevant, but do research on other international co-ordination to complete this part) are able to address this challenge. Further, it analyses the shortcomings of the construction of UK national law and the international convention(s) in addressing the territoriality issue and how could we done differently.
I have attached the drafted content/structure that is approved by my supervisor so that the writer can follow this to build up the dissertation. But it is always possible to discuss the different outline if the writer feels like it is better arranged that way to convey ideas and will give me higher chance of higher grade.
Please use OSCOLA referencing style
The 10,000 word limit excludes abstract, bibliography, appendices, abbreviations. Standard footnote (for the sake of in-text citation/referencing) is not included in the word count but more elaborated footnote would count.
Bibliography should be a minimum of 60 quality references. It should be divided into sections (e.g.: books, journals, websites, etc.) and listed according to the alphabetical order of the author’s last names. Where there are more than one publications of the same author, please list in chronological order with the older publication first.
Please use Times New Roman front size 12, double spacing
I’m not entirely sure on the title, please suggest a title that describe the content of the dissertation accurately and concisely

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