Changing a country’s regime

Changing a country’s regime

PS 1010-009
Paper Requirements
Due Date and Grading
The paper is due IN CLASS at the beginning of class on April 1, 2016. A hard-copy of the paper needs to be turned in. DO NOT email your paper to me.
The paper is worth 20% of your final grade. Below are some points that will be considered for the final grade:
1) Did you meet the requirements as stated below?
2) Is your paper free of grammatical and typographical errors?
3) Is your paper on topic and analytical in nature?
4) Did you meet the specifications for the sources? (i.e. three academic sources)
The purpose of this assignment is for each student to analyze a country in terms of regime based information learned from the course. Each student will:
1) Choose a (1) country to examine for each of the following points. When choosing a country, keep in mind that you are going to be discussing possible ways a regime change could take place. If you chose an authoritarian regime, you’ll need to discuss how to make it a democracy and vice versa. If the country you choose is currently in civil war or has a failed government, you can discuss how to create a stable government from its current political situation.
NOTE: I request that countries other than the U.S. be chosen for the assignment. One of the main points of this assignment is to expose students to different political systems through a short research paper.

2) Part I: Examine that country and its political structure. Students need to look at the regime type and be specific in what kind of regime it is (i.e. parliamentary democracy, constitutional democracy). This part should include: 1) regime type; 2) the division of majority/minorities within the country; 3) any information that may assist in your explanation of a regime change.
NOTE: Information for this section can be found on the CIA World Factbook (which counts as an academic source). For ease of research, it is acceptable if all your sources are used in this part of your paper, being that the next part is mainly hypothetical.

3) Part II: Once the structure of government is examined, students need to evaluate what conditions must be met for a regime change to be successful. These conditions should include domestic and governmental requirements. A strong case will include other aspects that could play a role in the success of the regime change, including whether there are many minorities; the division of power within parliament; or what groups are the strongest political elites who could either help or hinder the regime change.

Times New Roman
12-point font
1-inch margins
***Your paper should include your name, class section and date in the top left corner of your paper.
The finished paper length (not counting bibliography/work-cited) needs to be between two (2) and four (4) pages long. Anything over 4 pages will not be read and anything under 2 pages will have points deducted from the final grade.
As this is a research paper, students need to have at least three (3) academic sources. This means: DO NOT use Wikipedia and news reports for all three sources.
When citing sources, you can use any format for citation (i.e. MLA, Chicago, APA, etc.). Make sure all sources are cited correctly.

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