Chapter 9 – Container Store/Mini Case Study Project ? See for Yourself Videocase

Prepare a 350-word report about the importance of employee motivation. Please see attachments for further instruction.

Chapter 9 Mini Case Study Project ? See for Yourself Videocase

Select the link below and watch the video that introduces The Container Store and
describes their employee motivation strategy.
Next, read the article ?The Container Store?s Secret to Success: Employee Satisfaction? on page 294.

Motivating the Workforce: The Container Store

Using the information provided in the video and article, prepare a 350-word report about
the importance of employee motivation. Include your thoughts and opinions about how
employee motivation impacts productivity. Specifically, your report should address the
points listed below. Do not list each point and type a response as though it were a
question and answer exercise.

? Identify and discuss at least two of the concepts from Chapter 9 that you feel are
reflected by The Container Store motivational strategy.
? What is your opinion of Maslow?s Hierarchy of Needs and its influence on the
way management motivates employees?
? What motivational strategies outlined in Chapter 9 do you feel would be the most
effective in promoting productivity?
? If you were a manager, how would you motivate your employees?

You may include references to textbook and video content to support your discussion of
these concepts. If you quote or paraphrase information from any source, you must
include citations and a bibliography (references page) identifying these resources. Other
than citations and references used to identify your resources, the report must be in your
own words. You will submit your report in a Turnitin drop box to verify originality. The
Originality report will compare your submission to Internet sources, textbooks, and other
submitted papers to verify that the work is in your own words. There should be no more
than a 25% match including citations and references when checking originality. Using
someone else’s work without giving proper credit is considered plagiarism, and is a
violation of the academic honesty policy.
To complete your report, open a blank Word document and change the line spacing to
2.0 (double-spaced). Enter your name and the date in the upper left corner on page 1.
Center the title of your report, and indent the paragraphs .5? from the left margin. (See
the sample report located in the Learning Module 1 folder for additional details.) Your
citations and references page should be formatted APA style. Save your report as
Chapter 9 ? Container Store.
Watch the following video to gain a better understanding of the Chapter 9 concepts: Maslow?s Hierarchy of Needs –

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