Character analysis from A Streetcar named Desire

Character analysis from A Streetcar named Desire

>quote extensively from the primary text, The Norton Introduction to Literature Shorter Eleventh Edition. “Ed.” Kelly J. Mays. New York: Norton, 2013

> And a minimum of two outside (scholarly) sources that you found via the JSCC Library’s databases. no sources from Google websites like eNotes or Shmoop are allowed.

> Your response will follow the standard five-paragraph essay format with an introduction that includes a clear thesis, three organized body paragraphs, and a concise

>>The paper must be three pages typed, double-spaced, and in

>12 pt. Times New Roman font.

>You are required to use the most recent MLA format for citations

> Works Cited page


Choose one topic from the list below. You’ll want to take this opportunity to dig deeper into a problem/question in the story. You may choose to focus closely on an
author’s style, tone, themes, narration techniques, etc.

>>> Paper Topics (choose one):

1. Compare and contrast Twyla and Roberta. Is either more reliable than the other? What stereotypes are created/reinforced that influence your notions of race? What
assumptions did you make about race, and did you change your mind at any point in the story? Use specific details to support your thesis.

2.How does the ending of “Recitatif” reinforce the notion of “truth” in the story? For example, what do you make of the girls’/womens’ cloudy memory of Maggie?

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