Chesnut on War’s End

Read Chesnut on War’s End. After reading the transcript answer the following 5 questions. When answering the questions, address who, what, where, when, why, and how to ensure your answers are specific and thorough. Write in complete sentences. Use quotes with analysis from the document in your answer. The key is to be specific with your answers and have analysis to support your statements.

  1. What is Chesnut’s mood/tone in this passage? Is she rejoicing at the prospects of the end of the war?
  2. How does Chesnut perceive what the future of “her” Negroes holds?
  3. How does Chesnut view her husband’s services in the Confederate army?
  4. Why is this document an important source of information about southern life and culture?
  5. How does this document speak to the question of who freed the slaves?
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