Child care Enterprise Innovation

Topic: Child care Enterprise Innovation

Order Description
A Market report on Child Care Enterprise in Australia , Introducing new innovation and taking second research on Australia market within child care enterprises .

The seven main criteria are:
. 1- Evaluate “Child care” service – by carry out secondary research in order to understand the general scope of this nominated service in the Australian market place. For example, the size of the Australian industry, the regulatory bodies that control and or administer the industry, the various stakeholders and their influence, are there any ethical issues,…etc.
. 2- Evaluate the Marketing Environment – undertake
secondary research concerning the current state of
competition in your industry, be it in terms of dominance,
marketing mix strategies,…….etc.. Put simply, critically
analyse the current state of the Australian market place. ? ?
. 3- Evaluate the Economic Environment – undertake secondary research to determine the current economic climate and its influence on various aspects of your industry within the Australian market place. ?
. 4- Declaring the innovation &Briefly describe how to implement it–a combined step 5 – having examined the current state of play, you are now required to come up with a new product or service idea for your industry in the
Australian market place. Your idea MUST be justified.Then, briefly outline your implementation thoughts i.e. will it be an enhancement to an existing product/service, will it be a brand new product/service,…etc. ?
. 5- Facilitate/Inhibit the Idea – You are required to explore marketing and economic factors that may arise in the short to medium term that could assist in the success of a new innovation for child care service . Also, need to consider marketing and economic factors that could constrain or limit your idea from being a success in the
Australian market place. ? ?
. 6- Writing Style & Referencing using Harvard UWS Referencing style?
Note: The report must not deal with an international market place, nor aim at a foreign group of customers (e.g. foreign tourists visiting Sydney) as being the target market for the innovation represented .. Also, you are not required to conduct primary research for the Market report.

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