Child obesity.

Child obesity.Part 1
Write an essay describing the problem of childhood obesity and, based on your research, make recommendations for prevention and treatment.

Purpose: Review potential causes of childhood obesity and why it is on the rise. Reflect on what factors influence a child’s eating behavior. What role do soft drinks and sugar snacks play in their weight status? For an overweight child, what recommendations would you make to help balance their weight with their height? After you have reflected on these questions, write a one to two page, properly formatted report, discussing these ideas and support with credible references.
Part 2
A pregnant woman comes to you and asks which is better — breastfeeding or formula feeding. Write a paragraph outlining your decision and provide advantages and disadvantages to both. Five months after the birth of the baby, the same mother wants to start feeding her child table food and comes to you for ideas. What foods would you recommend she start with and why? Include your references used.

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