Childhood Autism Intervention Proposal

For the research paper, everybody will develop a theory-based health communication intervention on the topic of their choice grounded in sound theory and strategy, following from the topic of the issues paper.
The approximate format for this campaign proposal looks as follows:
1. Definition/description of (health) problem
• Problem statement (subgroups), importance (reasons to address), factors that affect direction and success of efforts (or lack thereof)

2. Analysis of problem
• Direct or indirect causes, theories, intervention models, best practices, contemplate (no need to create a full) SWOT and ethics implications, needed resources

3. Identification/profile of audience for plan intervention
• Audience segmentation → primary audience, goals and objectives, “creative” brief = settings, channel-specific activities, literature review

4. Development of communication strategies and tactics
• Concepts, messages, materials, activities suggested, i.e., communication plan (who, what, when, where, how often)
5. Development of evaluation plan
• Partner identification (if any), what is evaluated, sources/methods/timetable of evaluation

6. Ideas about campaign launch/obtaining feedback

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