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Women’s health topic The Problem of Obesity as a Chronic Disease amongst Women
Obesity is the accumulation of much body fat to an extent of having a negative impact on the body.
interested in the topic because it is known that that obesity leads other chronic problems. Therefore, it means that if obesity can be stopped, it is possible that other chronic diseases related to it can also be stopped, though in an indirect way. I am also interested in the topic because it has made the government spend a huge amount of the budget allocated for healthcare and reasons should be known why that is the case. It is known that the United States of America spends more of its budgetary allocations every year on treating chronic diseases as compared to other countries across the globe.
Literature Review, Incorporated Health Promotion and Disease prevention
Importance of the Topic to Women?s Health, Health Promotions and Disease Prevention
The topic is important to women because it is supposed to enlighten women on the factors that cause obesity and how such factors can be mitigated. Additionally, the topic teaches women on the dangers of being obese, and how chronic diseases reduce their lifespan. Finally, the topic addresses solutions that women can follow in order to avoid being obese.
Some health promotions have been taken to curb the chronic disease. Health officials have been educating the masses on the importance of taking foods that are low in fats but on the other hand are rich in carbohydrates since they limit the amount of calories taken into the body (Willet and Leibel, 2002). Additionally, patients are discouraged from taking beverages that contain a lot of sugar since such fluids contain a lot of calories that are not regulated properly by the body (Bell et al. 2003).
In addition, women have been enlightened on disease prevention measures. For example, women should avoid using too much of motor vehicles since it limits their chances of exercising their bodies (Bell et al.2002). Similarly, women can take part in bicycle riding, walking or other forms of labor mechanization as a way of exercising. Such measures help in keeping depression, diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure away.
Two Questions about the Topic I Would Like To Explore Further and Why
1. Why are obesity cases not reducing? In as much as the causes and prevention mechanisms are known, it still questionable why the obesity cases in women is not depreciating down. The reasons should behind that are worth investigating.
2. Are there alternative ways of reducing obesity? This question should further be pursued because maybe there are other alternative ways of reducing obesity far from what has been suggested by researchers and health experts.

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