Church in the Modern


• Paper of about four pages (double-spaced) on a topic drawn from materials covered or proposed for class.
• Introduction:  Your introductory paragraph should have a clear thesis statement that shows your awareness of the topic’s significance.  It should suggest how you will develop your paper.
• Body of paper:  The essay should have a clear structure so that paragraphs are related coherently to one another. Avoid simple summary. Support your assertions with reference to reliable scholarly sources, (not Internet or encyclopedia summaries).  You may use the textbook as a source but should have at least two other sources.
• Conclusion: Provide a brief conclusion at the end of the paper that shows that you have fulfilled your purpose. This is not a place to introduce new material.
• Format and Citations:  The first page should givesthe title of the paper, your name, the Course Title,Number, and date. Center the title of your paper.  It should be brief but more specific than the general topic. Include on a separate page at the end of your paper a Works Cited page. Footnotes and Bibliography must follow MLA or Turabian style.
• Above all, avoid plagiarism.  Plagiarism includes over-reliance on outside help.  I encourage you to seek assistance if you need it, but do so at CTL  wheretutors will see that it is your work that is being submitted.  Questions of plagiarism will be referred to the Academic Integrity Board and may be submitted to Turnit in.  A finding of plagiarism will lead to a failing essay grade.


Areas for TopicsThese broad areas drawn from the class readings and discussions.  Choose one and identify a particular question you can address in depth within the limits of the paper.  Keep your topic narrow and have a clear plan of how you will develop it. Remember that you must relate the topic to its impact on the church or the church’s response to it.  In your research you will be dealing with historical information.  You may insert your own opinion, especially when you are reflecting on the church’s response or contemporary implication


• The Human Rights Tradition in France -(Its roots, its development, contemporary issues). You may focus on one right and the statement of rights in the UN Declaration of Rights
• The Scientific Revolution and its impact on the church.  Be clear about the timeline here and focus on the period we have been discussing in the class.  For example, You may mention Galileo but focus on the Enlightenment onwards and be specific about theeffect on the church.

• Evangelization and Colonization:  You may focus here on earlier developments such as the Age of Discovery if you wish, but be clear about the timeline.  You may focus on one country, event, or person.  Be sure to mention the impact on the church.
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