CIS403 U2 Lab Assignment

CIS403 U2 Lab AssignmentProject description
Unit 2 Lab Assignment Report
1.Lab 4.1
What command would you use to determine if your machine is listening on port 443?

2.Lab 4.2
What effect does the use of NAT (Network Address Translation) have on the functionality of Poison Ivy?

3.Lab 4.3
How do you dump hashes from inside Poison Ivy?
4.Lab 5.1
What options must the attacker configure prior to compiling the payload?

5.Lab 5.2
What does the bin command do when you are running an active FTP session?

6.Lab 5.3
Why is it difficult to detect the PDF file being stolen if sharK is used?

7.Lab 6.1
How would an attacker on the Internet access a machine with a privateIP address?

8.Lab 6.2
In order to disguise a malware program, what type of name should it be given?

9.Lab 6.3
The Windows Documents and Settings folder are rarely used on which version of the operating system?
10.Lab 11.1
Why might you use a utility like wget instead of a standard web browser?

11.Lab 11.2
How might you find exploits within the Internet Explorer browser using Metasploit?
12.Lab 11.3
What information does an attacker located on the public (untrusted) network have access to regarding the internal (trusted) network?

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