For the term project you will explore the roles of computer technology and the Internet in your discipline/major, such as business, psychology, behavioral sciences, health sciences, criminal justice, fashion, music technology, etc. You may also choose other topics, such as the roles of computer technology and the Internet in medicine, airport and flight security, land, sea and air navigation, banking and financial systems, immigration, online shopping, the environment, promoting personal and child safety, and personal health.

You will do the following:
a. Write a 600-800 word report on your research using MS Word.
b. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 5-6 slides of your research.

The paper should be an original paper. If I see that you have copied and pasted from any source, then I will reject the paper and you will lose your grade. Go to the Learning Center for help with writing your paper.

For your research paper, you must use at least three (3) different articles – trade articles and/or research articles. You can choose from several sources – books (including the textbook), trade magazines, print journals, online journals, online databases (the Library has several), websites, etc. Make sure you cite any and all sources used. You will get an F grade if you plagiarize any work.

Style Guide for Written Submissions

• Prepare a single, consistent, integrated, professional looking document.
• Use MS Word.
• Use Times New Roman font, 12 point.
• Use double spacing.
• Use page numbers.
• Use headings and sub-headings for different topics.
• Prepare a cover (title) page and a table of contents.
• Use a cover sheet with: your name; the class number and section; the instructor’s name; the date.
• Make the report readable and pleasant looking. Leave plenty of white space and make good use of paragraphs and indented sections.
• Use bold type and underlining for emphasis, but don’t overdo it.
• Do not overload the text with details. Present what is necessary for clarity in the body of the report and place supporting material in appendices.
• In sentences use numerals for values of 11 and over and write them out for values of ten and under. Exceptions: don’t start a sentence with a numeral; use numbers for page, figure, and table references.
• Avoid run-on sentences, wordiness, and incomplete sentences.
• Be consistent in your use of tense.
• Make sure subjects and verbs agree.
• To make your sentences more interesting, use synonyms.
• Use proper punctuation.
• SPELLING AND GRAMMAR COUNT. You may use a spell-checker, but don’t rely on it. Grammar-checkers are not reliable – they often give erroneous advice. So,
• For additional guidance, consult a style manual – the library has several.

Style Guide for Power Point Presentations

• Prepare a single, consistent, integrated, professional-looking presentation.
• Use a title slide.
• Every slide must have a title.
• Do not write paragraphs on a slide. Use bullet points and write short phrases.
• Use a design that is appropriate to the topic.
• Use relevant pictures and diagrams.
• Use some animation and slide transition. Do not overdo it.
• Use two or three levels of bulleted lists. Do not overdo it.
• Again, spelling and grammar count.

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