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In addition, each student is required to write a planning project paper (4-5 pages) that addresses a specific planning problem/issue in the City of Houston. The project paper must be based on information obtained from the city. Guidelines on Your Planning Issue Project

1) How does planning work in the City of Houston?
2) Who does planning in the City?
3) What issues do the local planning officials deal with?
4) What is the specific planning issue you are interested in from the City?
5) What is the city doing about your issue?
6) Do you have any suggestions on what can be done differently?
7) Find another city with the same issue and how are they handling this issue compared to Houston?

These questions should guide your report but you are not limited to these questions. Creativity will be rewarded. You may find answers on the city’s website. You will need to speak with a city official on your issue and record your interview with him/her. Record your answers in your notebook. Be sure to include the sources of your information in the reference page of your paper. Record name of person interviewed, date of interview and contact information also in your paper. You can include diagrams, pictures and lists in addition to your paper. Check for spelling errors and typos before turning in your paper. Your grade depends on how well you present the issue in your paper.
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