Clashing views in Adolescence

Topic: Clashing views in Adolescence

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1. Do reality TV shows send a responsible message o tends concerning teen pregnancy
2.should hpv vaccination be mandatory for teens

follow the directions below
Choose 2 theories explored over the first 3 weeks of the course.
Provide the following information based on the theories:
1. A description of the theories including the key components
2. Describe at least one therapeutic technique that can be used with a child or adolescent using the the two theories.
3. Provide one case study for each theory and detail how you would work with a child or adolescent using the theory. For the case study you need to provide a client, reason for coming to therapy, number of times you have seen the client, your relationship with the client, one specific techniquesyou are using, and a rationale as to why you chose the theory and technique you are using with the client.
There is no specific page count requirement. However, your responses need to be thorough. There are examples of each theory and approach in your textbook and I encourage you to utilize these examples for writing your mid term exam.
You need to include 3 references for this assignment
This assignment should be in APA format and I strongly recommend that you use level 1 and 2 headings throughout

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