COM 216 Assessment 1

COM 216 Assessment 1 Work individually on this assessment. You must turn in your own original responses or you will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct. Assessment and Exam grades will be posted on WebCampus in approximately three weeks. Due date: September 27th Note: This is also the day of the first exam – be sure to leave yourself additional study time. The assessments do not constitute a complete study guide or review. Task: After completing all of the readings required in Unit 1, create a Microsoft Word document with your typed responses to the questions below. Turn your responses in on WebCampus (follow the Unit Assessments Tab and click on the submission link). Include your full name, section number, date, and be sure to title the upload: LastName_COM-216-Assessment-1. No title page or reference pages required. Each response will require between 300-500 words to sufficiently and succinctly answer. Longer responses will not receive grade point deductions. 1. Detail the evolution and history(ies) of the Communication discipline. Be sure to address its pre-disciplinary origins, its evolution within academic universities and departments, and conclude by discussing its contemporary directions. 2. Thoroughly explain metatheory and its three primary components, including the continuums discussed in the reading. 3. Thoroughly explain and discuss the three research perspectives and paradigms, connecting them to their metatheoretical considerations. Purpose: The assessments are intended to demonstrate your comprehension and retention of course concepts. The also help you qualitatively formulate your thoughts and understand the “big picture” objectives of this course. Assessments are not intended to be the only source of your studying prior to an exam. Instead, they should supplement your studying efforts and provide you an additional chance to prove your knowledge. Criteria: In order to receive full credit (50 points) for this assessment, you responses must be: typed, 12-point font, double-spaced, with each question numbered. Explanations should be thorough and examples should clearly demonstrate your grasp of the information. Your responses should include grammatically correct sentences (no bullets points or illustrations), written at a college level, and contain accurate information derived ONLY from the reading- no outside sources. Please go to the Writing Center, The Coaching Spot, or submit your paper to Brainfuse for writing assistance. Formal citations are not required, but it should be apparent that you’ve read the material, and as such, you should be mentioning specific course terms and authors. If you are directly quoting, page numbers and in-text citations must be included. I strongly encourage you to paraphrase instead of relying on quotes. You must respond to all parts of the questions, or you risk reductions. While there is no page requirement for this assignment, thorough responses will most likely range from 300-500 words per question, so you should expect a minimum of 3-5 pages of written work.

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