Comic Book Project and Reflection Prompt:

Comic book presentation and Reflection Essay
Comic Book Project and Reflection Prompt:

This is a two-part assignment: The first is a group presentation. (75 points)

Part 1.

The group will select a comic book to read and look at together. Each person in the group is expected to be responsible for at least one part of the project.

The project is presenting on a comic book by looking at the following:

A) The theme of the comic book. What is the motivation behind the story? What are the characters’ influences? What time period does it reflect? Does it describe
any issues that pertain to us today?

B) The literary genre (science fiction, fantasy, fiction, horror, etc) and whether you think the genre works well in this comic book.

C) Look at the visual medium of comics and how it changes the way we read. What stood out to you more? The art work? The dialogues—the background information
before the conversations?

D) Does this comic book have relevance? Should it be considered a literary work?

Part 2. (25 points)

Using a comic book of your choice, write a reflection essay about the comic book you chose. In the reflection, be sure to discuss whether you had experience reading
comic books, and if so, how has that changed over time? Do you find comic books more important now as an adult?

Look at the overall message behind the comic book you read. Was it merely an entertaining story or was this a literary appropriate story? What stood out to you the
most? Would you recommend this comic book to someone who hasn’t read comics? If so, why?

Try to answer the questions as they apply to the comic you read. You will write this out in the five-paragraph essay format. You can build on the thesis as what you
want to tell the readers about your reflection in reading this comic. Your reflection needs to be about three pages long

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