comic book superheroes unmasked

answering the 16 questions about the sort move that I’m gonna attach it, I dont want the answers to be like essay, I want it to be numbered like how the questions are numbered, the answer could be one word, one sentence or more, it all depends on what the question want exactly.
the like for the movie is
and there is another like for more information about the movie

This like is for the movie:

this like is for more information about the movie:
3- superman

1. Where did superheroes come from?_____________________________________________________________________

2. Describe what was happening in the US when comic book superheroes became popular:

3. Who was the ?first and greatest superhero of them all?? ____________________________________________

4. Who were some of the original comic book artists?

5. Where was Superman first published (and led to the beginning of the ?Golden Age of Comics?)?__________________________________________________________________

6. What types of marketing was done for Superman, outside of the comic books?

7. Who was the other costume character who matched Superman?s success?_________________________________________________

8. Name 3 key differences between Batman and Superman:

9. Name 2 DC superheroes:

More questions on the back ——>

10. What was the original name of Marvel? _____________________________________________________________

11. Describe the battle between Superman and Captain Marvel:

12. Describe the role comic books played in WWII:

13. What did Superman do with Hitler?

14. Who was created and became super popular for battling Hitler?______________________________________
15. What were some of the messages in comics during WWII?

16. How did WWII create the comic book collector?s market?

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