: Communication

Topic: Communication

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Master’s paper: Organization Culture and Communication class
Research Paper on Communication
In regards to cultural communication and creativity:
• Discuss/analyze how the four major conceptual blocks (from Whetten and Cameron) can be applied to your personal experience in a present or past job or other life situation.
• Why do these blocks occur in organizations in the first place?
• Using our readings and cite postings from the discussion board,(PPT will be uploaded with that info), what can leaders do to promote communication-based creativity?
• Construct and provide an “action plan”, which addresses various block issues, and possible solutions.
• Provide examples from your experience on types of communication utilized, effectiveness, and availability.
A MS Word document is required:
• Cover Page (name, student number, date)
• 5 pages minimum (page numbers please)
o Introduction with definitions
o Discussion of each topic with opposing viewpoints, where applicable.
o Application and personal examples
o Conclusion
• ?? point font (no script font please)
• Reference Page (APA format, and multiple outside sources recommended)
Scholarly sources only.

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