communication. Create a web series
As you know from the PowerPoint on online content and advertising, the essence of Web 2.0 is user-generated material such as YouTube and similar sites that also include social features. Social media include such examples as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. As a matter of fact, Facebook is one of the busiest video sites. At the same time, marketers are interested in more professional appearing Web video. Your assignment is to identify one current Web or online series or shows and to create one Web or online series designed to run on one or more of these platforms or screens and to include ways of promoting your series, preferably methods that use the same platforms, including search engines such as Google and advertising via videogames, known as advergames. In making up or creating the online or Web series, please don’t restrict yourself to conventional scripted material. You can use as your models reality, unscripted, or improvised shows such as Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Crackle) or Sports Jeopardy! (Crackle), etc. For the Web series you create, you will be evaluated on how creative your concept is as well on how you apply what you have learned about programming, promotion, and business models in class discussion, reading and the Newscast assignment. You have to give convincing reasons for the choices in developing the program concepts.

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