You’ll start by proposing a topic for your final paper (which is described in Part 3).

Your topic must connect to COM 103! You can use any of the human communication subjects we cover in class as a starting point. From there, apply what you’ve learned to some specific context for a deep, focused and meaningful research paper. For example, a research paper on “eye contact” is too broad. Instead, focus on some specific aspect of eye contact. “Eye contact during political debates” is an example of a nicely focused topic.

Be sure to have done some research on your topic so that you know what you are talking about when you write your proposal. Vague proposals don’t lead to great final papers.

Your proposal should describe your topic and what some of your main points will be. It is important to show me that you’ve actually begun your research and that your sources have helped you shape your proposal. This description of your topic should be no longer than one page.

You’ll also include an annotated bibliography of at least three appropriate and authoritative sources (do NOT use Wikipedia), in proper APA or MLA format (plus a link for online resources). For each source, include a sentence or two that explains why you consider this source an appropriate and authoritative source for an academic research paper.

Your topic proposal and annotated bibliography will be evaluated as follows:

Topic connects to COM103 (3 points)
Topic is narrowly focused, not too broad (3 points)
Topic is sufficiently developed; research is evident (3 points)
Proposal is well-written, and free of typos and errors (3 points)
Bibliography contains at least three sources (3 points)
Each source is authoritative and appropriate for an academic paper (3 points)
Each source is formatted properly in either APA or MLA format, including links to online sources (3 points)
Each source is annotated with a paragraph explaining its credibility and appropriateness for an academic research paper (3 points)

( topic can be) ” hands contact”

* one page is enough
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